Day 4

Day 4 has not been that bad since it been such a nice day. This morning I had an apple and put it in my compost bag that I am going to give to Dr. Aguilar at the end of the week. I have been spending my time outside most of the day so I have not wasted any energy using lights. The bad thing that happened to me today that I feel guilty for is contributing to a water balloon fight and a slip and slide. This was a philanthropy event for a fraternity that my sorority was invited to be involved in. When I was done, I thought about how much water and trash that had just been wasted in for my pure pleasure. The balloons being popped were left on the ground after I helped pick up some around me. I think this has been the worst thing that I have done during No Impact Week. I tried thinking about ways that could have fixed this and maybe reused any of the water used for the slip and slide but this was a tricky situation. Other then this experience, I have stopped myself from using paper towels after washing my hands and just drying them on my hands instead or using the air dryer which unfortunately wastes energy also. I hope I can keep up this up (minus the slip and slide and water balloons) for the last day.



  1. Good job keeping stuff for compost and not using any paper towels! The water balloons and slip and slide does seem like it would take up a lot of water, but at least you were outside doing it not using up any electric lighting. Hope everything goes well tomorrow.

  2. Sounds like you must have been hanging out with our friend Frank today! He didn’t seem like he felt as guilty as you were. Its good to go outside and enjoy the day. Maybe tomorrow you can figure out to still have fun, without using up as many resources.

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