Day 4

Today I went to fresh check day briefly and that was eye opening from a consumption perspective. I learned a lot but each booth included some sort of tempting prize or snack that I of course had to turn down. This deluge of items was curious and felt a little excessive. After reading in NI Man about how much consumption depresses us as a society, going to a fair focused on improving mental health it seemed counterproductive how oriented everything was on material goods. Yes, I know it sounds like I’m getting on my high horse, but I’m just trying to make some connections, and sound environmental after my best friend had to physically wrestle a bag of Cheetos out of my hand. On another note, today was pretty good. I got to enjoy some sun, study outside and also introduced a new handkerchief (old t-shirt) today. However, there were also a few big losses. I went to a meeting with individual water bottles, but the set up was such that the remaining water bottles, no matter if they were opened or not, were not going to be returned to the Slayter cafeteria. Feeling defeated, I emptied it into my nalgene and recycled it. I also charged my laptop and phone last night.


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