Day 4

Today started off easy because I have no classes on Thursdays so I slept until around 12. By that time it was completely light in my room due to the sun so the lights stayed off. Most of my homework involved studying so I was only on my computer for around an hour today. However, because I definitely had a tough time keeping my shower time down. I had a long practice outside on the track and it was around 80 degrees so afterwards I took a pretty long shower. I went to slayter for dinner which created a good amount of waste but it was the most convenient option so I caved. Definitely some good and some bad for today but hopefully tomorrow will be a little bit more consistent.



  1. Yeah it was pretty damn hot today so I can understand the shower. I’m sure you’ll finish well tomorrow, just do your best to avoid Slaytor and if you do go try to focus on taking the least amount of trash. Just keep grinding. :)-l-=

  2. I made a mistake and walked into Slayter today with a friend. She ended u[ buying me a small chai latte. To reduce the impact that made I just took my drink without a lid or a straw and recycled it when I was done.

  3. That is nice that you were able to be outside, but I understand on the shower part after practices! It sounds like this week has been good so far, one more day!

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