Day #4 so far, so good

Today has been good so far. I haven’t created any waste and I achieved my goal of taking a 4 minute shower!

Last night I was telling my mom on the phone about this project and the changes I have been trying to make. She said it sounded nice, but how much impact could one person really have. I said that yes, the impact of only a handful of people changing their lifestyles may be small, but the idea is that it’s a rewarding lifestyle choice because you know you are doing your part. I always find it funny when people make comments about this project like “well I mean that’s nice but you’re just one person, you can’t fix the problem of consumption by yourself”. That kind of comment implies that we should just accept things as they are, and I don’t like that idea at all. I’m an idealist, I think individuals can make a difference.

I’ve made a plan to make sure the rest of the day goes smoothly. I’m going to a picnic tonight and plan on bringing my own silverware if I have time to run back to my room, because I suspect it will be disposable there.

In a funny coincidence I’m also not driving my car to volunteer at the Humane Society tonight because I have to do my housing resistristation. I’m on track to go all week without driving!

The thing that will be hard today is keeping my laptop usage down, as I have to write a paper. I’ve decided I can use it to write the paper as much as I need to today, but I should skip the Netflix tonight and catch up on some reading.

My goal for tomorrow is to keep my laptop usage down to only 2 hours (about 2 hours less than usual).



  1. I can really see where your mom is coming from and how frustrating it is. I am getting it from a lot of my friends during this week wondering why I wasn’t eating at Slayter. It is hard to get people to get out of their habits. I use to be one of these people not really getting how the little things make changes but now I finally get it!

  2. Laptop usage has also been an issue with me. Also not proud to say that I couldn’t go the whole week without driving.

  3. Wow- Super impressed, Morgan! You are really thinking about every aspect of this project, which can be difficult to do. And your mom’s comment is completely common. I’m actually surprised it hasn’t been brought up in class yet. It is hard if it is just one person, which is why we do this as a group…and the hope is that we inspire others to act, just like Colin inspired us. And then the hope is that the movement grows, and eventually we become a society that thinks and cares a lot more about our consumption. That is the hope!

  4. I agree completely that in society people ask that question of “Your only one person…” If everyone has that mindset then we all will just accept that as a fact. Keep it up.

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