Day 4 Nice weather

I have a pretty good day with no exams and paper deadline today, especially fulfil all the goals that I made. I only take shower for 3 minutes and have all my meals in Curtis and Huffman. One more day of no video game, which is a real torture for me. Because of no impact day, I have more spare time to walk around campus and enjoy the beautiful scene in east quad and down the hill. However, one annoying thing that I noticed among my friends is that they spend a lot of their declining money on buying soft drink and waters from Slaytor even though they don’t drink them. When I asked them to stop doing so, they replied and asked me that “why shouldn’t? If I don’t buy the drink, I don’t have other ways to spend them.” Yes, it is true that money cannot be spent but it is frustrated to see that a lot of waste is created.


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  1. Wow- That is so frustrating. I think it is great that you have really tried to stick to your goals. I’m glad it has allowed you more ho-hum time. Now if only we could get your friends to see the problem with more plastic and more waste. Is there a better way to use declining dollars or even an incentive to not waste them? Something to think about!

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