Day 4: Reflective…

Part of this week, I have decided to give up all makeup products (I was inspired by that figure that talked about how much money we as a society spend on makeup and how we could feed/provide drinking water to so many people with that money), and that honestly has been the biggest step for me in terms of my self-esteem. I know intellectually that I don’t need makeup to be confident which is why I don’t feel the need to wear it daily, but really putting that aside this week has been eye opening just in terms of how I view myself. I definitely would recommend it to any person, if not for no impact, just for self reflection on their own appearance.

Today we also did our woods clean up, and cleaning up the woods always puts in this interesting state of mind. I have such a mix of emotions after completing it. Definitely happy that we could make such a positive impact, but sometimes that emotion gets overshadowed by a mix of anger, frustration, and sadness. I feel angry that people would be so disrespectful and mindless. I feel frustrated because we do woods cleans up periodically throughout a semester or school year, and each time we find SO much garbage. And I feel sad because I know that garbage doesn’t just affect overall climate change or waste, but the real animals in our area. The deer are everywhere, and everyone loves them. But the broken glass that is literally coating the forest floor can get lodged in the hoof of a deer, which it can get infected and eventually cause the deer to die or at least be extremely sick and in pain. Even the raccoons or squirrels could be injured. I am hoping that more and more people will become aware that this is an issue, and will buy into the culture change that we are trying to implement. For me, it’s all about channeling the negative emotion into positive change. And I am so grateful to be part of the change.



  1. I would have loved to join in today on the clean up but had a conflict. After reading this I really hope to another time because it sounds like a great cause and certainly eye-opening. I liked your makeup point. Makeup to me is such a tricky topic because I appreciate the confidence and happiness it can provide to many people but also don’t personally wear it because for me I think it would lower my self-esteem. I feel like in a number of ways makeup can reinforce unrealistic standards and just create a positive feedback loop of insecurity, so am glad that being makeup free has overall been a good experience for you 🙂

  2. These are really good points. Sometimes I think clean-ups don’t really have much impact because they don’t affect the big environmental issues. But your point about the trash affecting the wildlife is really poignant- much like plastic affecting marine life. So, you’ve given me a new perspective on campus clean ups, and I was happy to see a few of our classmates join in!

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