Day 4- Rough Day

Since it will be late when I get back tonight, I am going to blog now. Today I already know is going to be a little rough. I have used natural lighting so far this morning and my shower was rather quick. But we are going to be driving over 200 miles today round trip today. Also, the food they give us on the bus is from Panera, which may come across as healthy, but it is for sure processed. The food in between games ranges from fruit to plastic wrapped crackers and little plastic bottles of gatorade. We also stop for food after we are done, which is usually something quick and easy. The positives out of today will definitely be the nice weather and being able to be outside to enjoy it. Also, I plan on reading No Impact Man for a good portion of the trip. I have been doing a decent job so far this week, today is a little bit out of my control.



  1. Yeah, driving 200 miles isn’t the best, but you couldn’t really avoid it (I’m guessing). In life in general, we can’t always plan that far ahead, and things do come up unexpectedly. However, I think it is more important to focus on the other small things that add up. Yeah, enjoying the weather has been one of my favorite things so far. Good luck/hope you win!

  2. That is weird to think about how Panera is something that we think is “healthy” in our society. But, what many people literally don’t know is where their “healthy” food comes from in the first place and how many different things go into making something that you can get locally or even grow it from home. The 200 mile drive is a lot but there is nothing you can do about that wish there could be a different way to go. Hope you guys do well with your game!

  3. You could think of the bus ride as one big carpool! But if the bus is idling a lot that’s no good. Packing lunches in reusable containers is hard, especially if you are in a group like that. Good luck!

  4. That is pretty rough. However, it’s not really your fault that they provided food that creates more waste than ideal. You gotta eat I guess! Hope you enjoyed the day.

  5. Yes, I’ve heard about the waste that comes along with away games! A lot of it is out of your control unless you have an immense amount of time like Colin did, to plan for it. But the reality is that we are trying to do in a week what Colin had a year to figure out. Still, it might be a good time to talk with others about all the waste your packaged lunch will create….and all the one time usage too! Good luck at your game!

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