Day 4- Thursday

Today has been great so far! I woke up and then went to my psych lab. After lab, I went for a nice 4 mile run outside and came back and to took a nice 3 minute cold shower. I ate a super healthy lunch today, which I am very proud of. I had hummus, peppers, granola, cottage cheese, and a banana. My goal is to run every other day and to eat a lot healthier and reduce the number of carbs I eat. Not eating meat is getting much easier than it was at the beginning of the week. I am making a conscious effort to study outside more and use the natural light, and I get tan while using it. I am going to the trash pick up at 4:30 as part of my service for today. I got a free pair of apple ear pods while picking up trash! I also found a fake gold necklace. I just got back from the solidarity wall at the flagpole, it was a really nice experience and I am looking forward to going to tomorrow. Since starting the No Impact Week, I have realized just how much I depend on my computer to do research, complete assignments and communicate with fellow students.



  1. That’s so great. Eating healthy and clean is one of the best feelings ever. I think that No Impact week is really about learning about yourself – your own patterns, weakness, and habits. It really makes you re-evaulate.

  2. Matt- Sounds like a great No Impact Day….and these are the kinds of experiences Colin talks about when focusing less on consumption and more on other things! I would love to hear more about the solidarity wall. Thanks for helping out this afternoon!

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