Day Four

Today is the first day out of this no impact week project that I didn’t have class. Thursdays generally mean sleeping in late, and not being very productive. Today was just that. I slept in, didn’t need to shower to get ready for class, and just really didn’t do a whole lot. With all this extra free time I had today, it was much easier for me to stay focused on being environmentally friendly. It was no hassle for me to walk over to Huffman for my meals. I did however spend a good amount of time occupying myself on my computer. I watched a movie today because I wasn’t feeling too creative about finding other ways to spend my time. Other than that though, it was not too difficult to stay on task today.



  1. For me, the days I don’t have to rush from thing to thing are the days that I’m most conscious of my impact as well. Being on my laptop is also my weakness, but I have been trying to use my notebooks more for notes, and when I am just taking time to think to put my laptop in sleep mode. I definitely watched some Netflix last night…so I definitely feel your pain!

  2. I think I will tell students no TV is a mandatory goal in the future! Honestly, I find that giving it up gives me so much more time to do things I really enjoy- like hanging with friends, going to talks, going for a bike ride etc. The other key is to be creative with how you watch it. For instance, if all three of you are watching tv in your rooms, wouldn’t it be better to watch it together in one room with one tv. This is what I’m talking about when I say we are losing connection to people.

  3. Yeah, I also noticed that when I am not in the middle of doing something, or more relaxed, it is easier to focus on having no impact. My trash slip up was yesterday was when I was hanging out with friends and doing hw. Yeah, I am having a hard time with reducing my computer/phone usage. I use it all the time for hw and then after hw to relax and watch tv.

  4. I had the same situation today. Didn’t have any class, so I slept in till 11. This allowed me to have little impact but I did spent some time on my TV. Good job staying on track with your meals. Keep up the good work!

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