Day Four

Today was not a terrible day. I avoided plastic, tissues, and paper towels once again, and I was pretty stationary on campus up until 5pm, when I was driven to Newark to do a recording session with classmates for our final project in Sound Editing and Recording. But when it comes to being in a studio for hours on end working on a song, you get very hungry. And when the closest and most convenient option is the McDonalds four doors down from the recording studio, that’s what we eat. Each day I’m realizing more and more how it’s the tendencies of society and the norms of having fast food all over the place and paper towels, tissues, plastics, etc. everywhere you look that lead us to make more and more of an impact. People would definitely look into other options if it weren’t for the convenience, money-wise and location-wise.



  1. Convenience definitely make a large impact of what we behave in the life. I remember when the time I need to carry a large load of book to the top floor of Slaytor, I will just take elevator. But it cost a lot of unnecessary energy waste.

  2. Convenience is definitely something I struggle with as well. The choice between something that is fast and easy but may create more waste is often the more appealing option. Nice job avoiding waste though!

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