Day four

Today I was much less conscious of my waste when it came to meals. I received another package in the mail, so my garbage bag is very disappointing. I also have realized that there are many things that are just 100% waste. An example is Q-tips. There is nothing that can be reused, saved, or recycled on a Q-tip. I also can’t really think of a better option than to use a Q-tip.

One improvement that I have noticed is that I don’t even reach for paper towels anymore. This is something that I was really struggling with the first couple of days. Another thing that I have given into is eating processed foods. My roommate gave me a cookie the other day and then I became readdicted. I am going to try to consume less processed foods after this project ends as well because I noticed that it is a really simple way to eat healthier foods. There are many reasons that reaching for a piece of fruit is better than reaching for a cookie besides just direct health and I think that will help me to reach for the apple more often.

Today I went to the forest cleanup as well. It was very nice to just be outside focusing on the simple task of cleaning up campus. The somewhat mindless and stress free hour or so I spent doing this reminded me of Collin’s mention of the “ho-hum” in life. This was a great way of escaping the stress of school without feeling like I was being lazy and doing nothing.



  1. I’ve realized that cotton balls are pure waste too. At the beginning of Ni Impact week, I tried to upcycle my face mask into face wipes. Complete fail. Luckily they can easily be replaced by a face towel.

  2. I definitely relate to the processed foods issue, especially with slayter and the options for snacking. I get caught when I am studying and craving snacks so I get where you are coming from. Nice job going to the clean up, I really wish I could have made it!

  3. Its so crazy how addictive processed food is. Also, the paper towel thing is going poorly for me. I have been using them (as little as possible) to dry my hands and then open the door when leaving the bathroom just to prevent the spread of germs because colds spread like crazy on this campus so alas paper product success is mixed.

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