Day Three

The story of day 3 was avoidance. I avoided eating at slayter or buying anything from slayter, I avoided tissues and paper towels (even if I really needed them), and avoided plastic that was seemingly everywhere I looked. But the one thing I sadly could not avoid were vehicles. I had my Sound Editing and Recording class in Newark and we always have to commute to the recording studio via a campus van. I also was driven around campus to get to a gig that my band was playing at Lamson Lodge. I also was very bad about keeping my lights in my room off, as well as my showers, which I have struggled to complete in under 3 minutes 2 days in a row.


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  1. Good job avoiding! I think that different aspects have gone better some days than others and that is fine. It sounds like you did what you could to keep your impact low!

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