Nice weather today. Day 4.

It’s really a nice day today. I have only one class in the morning and I cooked in my dorm for lunch and I stayed in the common room to study and got a nap till 3 o’clock, then go to another class. And get dinner in Slay where I used the bowl that I prepared yesterday.
And now I am in my dorm with no light and no fan. Just the darkness and the wind from the window.
I think today goes really well. I barely stayed in my dorm and I didn’t use the laptop until now.
And I took a bath in five minutes.

But I didn’t eat locally. And I used my phone a lot.

Overall, things going well.



  1. that’s pretty good. Your ideas really impressed me and inspired me. But using less laptop may be difficult for myself.

  2. Nice Job! Way to go bringing a container to Slay. I think that out of all the places to bring one, Slay is the most intimidating, so good for you!

  3. Wow- Today really does sound like a good day for you! Good job planning ahead for Slayter. I have the windows open too and I love the breeze and was able to listen to the birds earlier. Keep up the good work for your last day tomorrow!

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