Things are turning around: No impact #4

I finally had a really good no impact day. I took a quick shower, made no trash, donated and item of clothing and managed to stay out of unnecessarily lit rooms.

But perhaps my proudest moment was at the DCA awards today. I was calming setting up when it suddenly struck me how much waste was about to be created. Plastic forks, paper bowls, and water bottles set up for everyone. For some reason, I was galvanized not to contribute to the waste. So I ran back to Preston and picked up a plate and my reusable water bottle.

That ended up having a huge impact. For the first time since starting No Impact week, I was applauded for my efforts, not required but nice all the same. By the end of the awards event Susie, the director of the DCA,  was so impressed by me eating with my own plate that she made a promise to make future DCA events more sustainable.



  1. That is awesome Deirdre- Way to go! You see each of us can make a bigger impact- it’s like a ripple effect. I’m really proud of your efforts and the way the paid off! One more day to go!

  2. The large event always created a lot of waste like you have said and saw. But for the things that I think we should do might be collecting all their waste and recycling them as mush as we can.

  3. That is awesome that someone took notice of your effort, you should be so proud! And good for her for realizing that events on campus need to be more sustainable. But I am glad that today went well for you!

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