Day 5

It’s the last day of No Impact Week and I have done pretty well even though I have to blog earlier. this morning I woke up and turned off the power strips that I used during the night to charge my phone for the day and kept my lights off. My roommates are starting to get on the same page with me on turning the lights off when we don’t need them. I hope I can continue this for the rest of the year and hope the sun will stay out. I will not be able to go on my daily run and find new places to run but I want to continue this for the rest of the year and also next year at least until it starts to get cold. I was happy that this project got me outside and made me explore Granville and DenisonĀ a little more which I think is something that needs to happen as a first year. Today, Slayter got a huge order of Life Waters for the first time this week so my weakness came back that I was able to easily stay away from. My friend asked me if I wanted her to grab a drink and without knowing I said I wanted a Life Water then I quickly told her “wait never mind I’m okay.” I hope I will be able to stay away from the Life water for the rest of the year but it will take a lot. Overall, I think that this project showed me just how much my habits are ingrained in our society and it is hard to stray from the norm.



  1. Not gonna lie, I’m so excited for having my life waters again. They are really expensive and are plastic, but once you buy one you can reuse the bottle. I like it so much because the bottle holds a lot of water so you don’t need to refill it that often. I also agree with your point that first years need to find a way to get off campus more often. I remember the only time I got off campus or out of granville last semester was when I traveled with the soccer team.

  2. I’m glad your roommates are supporting your efforts this week! I am running more often now and love exploring Granville, the Bio Reserve, and the Bike trail. Like you said, the weather this week has been great, allowing me to spend a lot more time outside doing hw and spending time with friends. My habits have started to change also, which I am hoping to keep up for the rest of the semester. Good luck with the LifeWTR!

  3. Thats great that you got your roommates to participate in this project too. I think that must have been one of colins big goals of his project. Not to just make a positive impact on the environment himself, but also show others how to do it as well. My roommates haven’t sympathized as well. We have had different opinions on how our room should be handled during the week. Im sure they are happy that its over, but I will still try to change my habits in the future, even though the project is over.

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