Day 5: the end…but maybe not

My days of No Impact week have definitely been simpler. I have taken more deliberate time to dedicate to mindfulness – in my thoughts, actions, and even the conversations that I have. It is funny how the simple action of limiting waste really makes a person reflective on their impact as a whole being. The whole point about questioning put me in this interesting frame of mind. My impact as a person in my smaller circles, how I communicate with my friends, what little acts of kindness can I do, what little acts can I do to promote green living, and what little actions can I take to change myself for the better. In terms of my impact today, it has been pretty minimal – one of my better days. I used my own mug for coffee, and since I didn’t have lunch and just ate early at Aestavaila, I had no waste from that today. I spent most of the day outside (even my GEOS class was outside today), so I didn’t use much electricity. I can definitely say that this experiment will be continuing beyond this week.



  1. Now that its day five we have become used to no impact week and have a better understanding of how to deal with it. Congrats on making your last day your best!

  2. I think now that it it week 5 it should be a little bit better, but obviously there will still be some hardships.

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