Day 5-Friday

I started the day off doing very well, but then lunch came. I went to the convocation and the participated in the demonstration after. My friend and I walked to Huffman, but it ended up being closed because they are getting ready for Aestavalia (not sure how you spell it). So I had to surrender to Slayter. I got a sandwich and fries. Unfournaently it comes with a container that I have to throw away. I wasn’t able to pull a Frank. I also ate meat, which I was mad about, kind of. I am going to go to Asetavalia later so I will avoid using artificial light for a few hours. However, there will be meat there, and I will probably cave in. However, the past four days I only made 4 pieces of trash and stuck to all my goals I had made at the beginning of the week. I am posting now because I know I will forget to do it later when I am hanging out with my friends.



  1. Good job Matt! I think Aestavalia will be a great way to end NI week….congrats on a job well done!

  2. Someone told me Austavilla should have no waste so that’s exciting (if that’s true)! Even though things didn’t really go your way with Huff being closed, it’s still great that you are thinking about your impact at least. It’s better to be conscious of your impact than not notice it at all!!!!

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