Day #5 this week was not too shabby

Today was good except for one big exception. I drove my car! My friend asked if I could help her go pick up three cakes and I said yes. It did not seem like a good idea for two girls to try to carry three cakes up the hill. So, I caved and drove my car. I only drove about 2 miles though. Which still puts me under my original goal of driving less than 5 miles this week.

In a sleepy haze this morning I almost forgot and used the treadmill at the gym, but then I remembered and ended up running on the track. So I met my goal of avoiding the treadmill.

I ended the week with a lot more trash than my goal. My goal was 15 pieces of trash and I now have 20.

I got my shower down to 3 minutes this morning which was my goal! It helped that I only had 20 minutes before I needed to be in class.

Overall, I think this week was a success. It made me think a lot more about my impact and how I can be a more environmentally responsible human. It also felt nice to help pick up trash yesterday, shoutout to Summer for the great idea for the giving back portion of this project. I hope I will continue to use my own cup for coffee whenever I can, take shorter showers and walk places more often after this week!



  1. Actually, we can’t avoid many uses of things in our life although we know that may not be good. But only if we have the sense, the thing itself might be different.

  2. I can relate, sometimes cars are a necessity, although I wish that maybe wasn’t the case. I have also been pleased with my ability to cut down shower time this week too! Something that I didn’t really get the chance to talk about

  3. Sounds like you had a successful week. After all, it was about trying…and you definitely tried! Congrats on a job well done. Also, you’ll have to tell me where you bought local cakes.

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