Final Day

Wrapping up my No Impact Week, I’d say I’ve had a semi decent go at it. I didn’t end up with as many articles of trash as I thought I would, which is a positive. In my trash bag, I only had about eleven items of trash, which was under my goal for the week. Granted I did throw away a small percentage of my trash away in other places, it was still a positive for me. However, I did use more energy then I had hoped to. I was on my phone more often then I should have been, and I was tempted into watching a good amount of TV. I was also forced into relying on a car to drive me around. Today, I had to go to Mitchell and back twice, which forced me to make 4 trips with a safe ride because of my injury. All in all, it was a good week for me because it made me realize how reliant I am on things that harm the environment. I hope that this experience will change the way I view unnecessary luxaries in the future.



  1. Yes! I feel the same way. We are really harming the environment. And the no impact week should means something to us. Maybe we can encourage more people to live in a less impact life.

  2. Yes, that is awesome to only have 11 pieces of trash! And that is also a good point, this week has made more aware of some of the bad habits I have. I think that my energy usage could have also been cut down as well, but majority of that was using my laptop for school work, which in a way, we can’t really get around that.

  3. Congratulations on having only eleven pieces of trash. I flopped a little with my energy usage. I mean to give up my laptop for the week but ended pulling it out a lot more. I definitely became a lot more aware of how much waste I produce.

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