Final Day

Almost finished the five days of no impact week, I am gonna miss the sunshine that I enjoyed in these few days and it has been quite happy to think about that I have contributed to little energy consumption in these days. To give a conclusion of what I have achieved in these few days, I certainly achieved most of my goals in these days like no video games, take shower less 3 minutes and stay in lit room less than 2 hours. But I didn’t do a good job on avoiding waste from buying food from Slaytor, since it is one of the most unavoidable things that happened in these days.



  1. There are lots of things that we can do to lessen impact – for us avoiding Slayter is a great way, but not one everyone can do. That’s great that you were able to go without video games – electronics were hard for me too!

  2. Good job!! I am glad that you didn’t play your video games, I didn’t set this as a goal, but I used my phone less. So it’s a good sign.

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