Slight impact day #4

Quick Showers: Yes

Low Energy Use: No

No Trash: Nope

Did I eat meat: Yes

Reusable bottle: Yes

Today I created a little bit more trash than yesterday. I used a paper towel and opened a granola bar. I also watched the Raptors v. Bucks playoff game on a big flat screen in my halls common room, while also charging my computer. So, today I used a little more energy than I would have liked.

I never realized how easy it is to create trash from food until today. One of my goals was “no trash” which I failed at the first day when I ate a package of gummy bears. Right now I have total of 3 pieces of trash from food but that number can be way higher. Just thinking about it every time I get a smoothy after track I use a plastic cup, a plastic lid, a plastic straw , and sometimes a plastic spoon, right there thats 4 pieces of waste from only one small food product. It’s crazy to think that with one smoothy I can create more trash in 10 minutes than in three days. I hope after this project I will take more consideration in what accessories I need to consume a smoothie or any food product in that case.



  1. Just reading the beginning of your blog made me think how I should have made a checklist for each day to make my goals even that more direct, clear and achievable. I can’t say I was as successful as you with my food waste. I found myself eating in slayter way more than I intended to. I found it to be hard because to me, eating is a social activity, and not all of my friends were as enthusiastic to go to huffman with me for every meal.

  2. Hi Niall- That is a really great point. It doesn’t take much for our trash to build up. I just accumulated 3 pieces which is half of what I’ve accumulated all week. Ugh!!!!! What can we do about this? Does it have to be like this…or are there other ways?

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