The End???

I almost forget to write the blog today and also it is the spring festival.
The weather today is really nice so after my last class, I went to the spring festival with my friends.
And I realized my biggest change due to our no impact week.
I used my phone less than I ever did. And during our activities this afternoon, my phone was dead but I was not worried about it and I was not desperately trying to get a charger.
This really surprised me a lot.

But I did use a plastic bag for my Tai dye shirt and also a paper plate for the food.
I felt I didn’t pay a lot of attention today. That’s why I felt common to use them.

After all, the no impact week was a success for me. At least I am trying to control myself from ruining our planet further more. I can not say that I did no impact, well, but less impact maybe. I will always remember this week and I always believe that small movements can change the world a lot, like the butterfly effect.
Maybe someday in the near future, I want to be a less impact person.
Not the end.



  1. I felt the same way to not paying attention to how much trash I was creating. I felt as if I could have done a much better job of creating less trash but I really screwed that up. I hope you enjoyed the food at the spring festival. Remember what you learned form this week and use it the rest of your life.

  2. Less impact is always better than lots!! That is awesome that you are exploring what no impact means to you – no one expects perfection, but at least you made little changes that you can hopefully sustain!

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