The final Day

My last day of no impact week did not go as planned I ended up creating three pieces of trash which is as much as I made within the last four days. I ate some meat and also went out to eat. The one thing I am proud of doing is not getting a straw with my drink. Otherwise my shower was short as all my showers have been. I plan to keep my showers pretty short. I also plan on continuing to keep the facebook and instagram apps off my phone as they are the main reasons why I use my phone. I also plan on continuing to use a reusable water bottle wherever I go to make sure I do not use plastic or glass cups.

Overall, I’m not sure how this project made me feel, but in the end I will make an honest effort to reduce my waste and consumption use.


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  1. I agree with keeping major apps off your phone as an incentive to stay off of it. For me, it is Snapchat but I still cannot get myself to delete it. I hope you will be able to keep up your work for the rest of the year and so on!

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