final day

Today I really wanted to go back to the strictness I had at the beginning of the week. I tried my best to eat locally and I honestly had great meals and I felt very full after them. I am really glad that I was able to participate in this project because I feel like it has given me a knew outlook on being an environmentalist. Even before this project had started, just reading this book made me more conscious of my actions and the impact that each of them had on the environment. I was really impacted by the social aspects of the book and the way that our choices not only impact the environment but impact the way we interact and our happiness as well. I have always been really interested in the idea of why we work so hard to progress technologically and what not as a society. I used to half joke all of the time when people asked me if I knew what I was doing after high school that I was going to move to Mexico, get a little job to support myself and be happy. Honestly I am not sure why doing something like this is looked down upon by many people. People expect that in order to be “successful” you need to have a high paying job to be able to buy lots of nice things and live in a nice house that you hardly get to spend time in because you are working so hard. This doesn’t sound like a life I would like to lead. Reading this book has made me consider the importance of finding a balance of finding a job that makes a difference in some way, supports you enough to have what you need, and leave you with enough time to enjoy life. If you can’t enjoy life, what is the point? I kind of got on a tangent but this book really amazed me on how connected everything is.


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