Final Day

My last day went better than any previous day. I had no issues avoiding plastic products, kept my lights off at all times and was out of my room almost all day, and I was never in a vehicle. I took a super short 2 min shower, and was killin it overall (ended the day with a total of 2 small pieces of trash). I also am noticing whenever I go back to my habits and can tell that the project is making me want to change for the future. I don’t enjoy my long showers as much as I enjoy taking a shower in under 3 minutes. I hate plastic bags and think about how I should stay away from them, and I definitely end each day thinking about how much waste I was responsible for. I’m really glad I was able to get a lot out of the project and I’m looking forward to using my knowledge from the unit as well as my new goals to make less of an impact every day.


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