Just another Day 4!

A beautiful, sunny Thursday made natural light the easy choice. I did use my laptop most of the day to catch up on my long list of Geo assignments so my energy consumption was focused on my use of a laptop charger… Over the course of the day, I had tied my record for the amount of times I had to shut-off the lights in the Good Hall Common Room at 4 times in one day. Later in the evening, I also joined the fellow Green Teamers in a Woods Clean-up behind the Senior apartments. With 6 people strong, our collection yield was much higher than the past—I would estimate 70+ total lbs of both trash and recyclable materials. I actually came across a perfectly good ceramic bowl that I have been using ever since! Other notable findings include: multiple golf and lacrosse balls, an old rusty grill, a large lamp, many un-opened beer cans, plenty of glass bottles (broken and in-tact) and plastic bags, and the list goes on…


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