And So It Begins…

Starting with an upbeat, jazzy piano riff, the 1 minute and 17 second opening theme song to the 80s sitcom “Family Matters” was my shower song this morning. Kicking off my day with a cold 77 second shower sucked. I was also the only person in the bathroom so I turned off the bathroom lights and left them that way.

I went to breakfast and found it difficult to follow my goals when I took a delicious looking pastry only to bite into it and realize that its looks had deceived me. Nevertheless, I finished everything and grabbed an apple on my way out. A while later when I had finished the apple and was ready to chuck the core, I realized that I would be throwing something in the trash, another thing that I said I wouldn’t do. So I bit the bullet and ate the entire apple core, taking a snapchat video of the event. But then I remembered that I said I wouldn’t use social media for the week. So I closed snapchat without sending the video and went about my day.

I have unplugged my mini fridge and put its contents by my open window to keep it cool. This works well given the fact that the only thing in my fridge was a gallon jug of water.

I walked past Slayter this morning where they were giving out free coffee…in disposable cups. In that moment I decided to give up coffee for the week too. Theres just no way that it comes from anywhere remotely close to Granville.

Day one is winding down, I just got back from Curtis where I had some chicken and rice, and stole a bunch of cereal using a 48oz yogurt container.

Day one is over and I have produced no trash, recycling, or even compost. Nothing has been thrown away. I’m feeling pretty confident for the rest of the week.

I’m ready for day 2.

Henry Brooks, signing off.


Hi my name is Henry. In my spare time I enjoy scrap booking, piggy back rides, and long walks on the beach. Welcome to my blog!


  1. Um, I also laughed out loud. You ate the whole thing??? That is definitely something that can decompose in nature (i.e. just throw it in the woods!). But good job on being so strict with your goals! I’m impressed.

  2. Henry. That bit about the apple core made me laugh out loud in the library. I hope you saved that video, because after this week I need to see that. But hats off to you for giving up as much as you are. I wish I could say I’ve made no trash today. Keep it up for the rest of the week!

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