Day 1 Blog Andrew

This morning I completely forgot that today was the first day of the no impact week, so I made accidentally no effort to adhere to any of the goals. Lights in the dorm were on for much of the morning, the computer was plugged in for far longer than it ought to be, and I already drove to Lancaster with a 4 ton diesel. Now that I’m paying attention, I am anticipating that the rest of the day will go better. I have since turned off the lights and unplugged the computer.



  1. Don’t sweat it about forgetting! As long as you acknowledged that you forgot take the rest of the week head on. This morning I had to force myself to go to the library in order to stop using my dorm lights. I hope tomorrow goes better!

  2. I forgot this morning as well! It’s hard with so much going on at school to remember, especially since “no impact week” goals are not yet a part of our routine. I almost left my laptop plugged in, but instead decided to watch it for five whole minutes when it was close to 100% to make sure I’d get it on time — not sure if I’ll keep that up all week.

  3. I understand this, it comes to show how important it is to start making the environment a priority. You could make a note on your phone for the morning so you get a better start to your “no impact” days.

  4. Tsk Tsk Andrew. It will be interesting to see how the rest of your week plays out in terms of your business operations. The best of luck to you sir.

  5. I also forgot this morning! Last night I was going to leave myself a sticky note reminder, but then I thought that would be wasteful. Turns out it’s a lot more wasteful to forget it’s NI week than to write on one sticky note as a reminder.

  6. I totally understand forgetting about no impact week, I certainly thought I was going to. I decided to text myself as a reminder and then leave it unread so when I wake up it would be the first thing I would see after turning off my alarm. This helped me, but maybe you could put a post-it on the light switch so when you wake up and go to turn the lights on you see it and stop?

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