Day 1 blog: Juliana

When I woke up this morning, I began with my normal routine which was to eat a Nutri-Grain bar. I took the bar out of my snack drawer, ripped open the wrapper, and inched it toward my mouth before abruptly stopping and putting it down. Since I had already opened it, I wasn’t exactly sure what to do. Trying to be a little bit creative in the early morning, I folded the top part and put tape around it, so I could just give it to a friend who was not doing No Impact Week. I didn’t realize until later in the day, that I had used tape, which was not supposed to happen.

Other than that, I carried my water bottle around all day and made sure I always finished the old water before refilling it. I also came across two sinks today that had been left dripping, and made sure to turn them off. One goal of mine was to not use any napkins at the dining hall. When I was making that goal, I honestly didn’t think I would need a napkin if I ate very carefully. Everything was going smoothly, until I laughed at someone’s joke and spilled my glass of chocolate milk on the table. When I went to go clean it up, I remembered my no napkin rule. Should I leave this on the table? Probably not. I took my hand and pushed the milk back into the cup, so no napkins would be used while cleaning up. I then proceeded to take a napkin to wipe off my hand.

After that, I charged my laptop while doing homework, and unplugged it the second it got to 100%. When I went back to my room, I didn’t turn the lights on, despite it being a rainy day out, and found that it was actually pretty relaxing — even though it made me want to fall asleep. My shower was around 5 minutes today, but I didn’t time it, so I figure I should bring my phone in next time to be more accurate. I think the chocolate milk event was definitely the most intense part of my first day of no impact week, so I’ll make sure to place my cup far from my arm at future meals.



  1. Yes, for whatever reason, I find that I spill so much or at least have so many messes during NI week. It’s like Murphy’s Law. Anyway, I agree with Karly, pretty hardcore to use your hand…bummer there are no towels in the dining halls!

  2. That’s too bad about the chocolate milk but you’re definitely pretty dedicated and hardcore to wipe it up with just your hand! I agree that when the there’s low lighting in my room it becomes almost too relaxing and I end up falling asleep instead of doing homework, so I always have to force myself to go to the library instead.

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