Day 1 Blog Kate

My no impact first day was going really well until I went to shower. I usually take 10 minute showers because I find it relaxing. So today I played a song that was 3 minutes long to time my shower. Unfortunately my shower took 5 minutes which is progress, but is not my goal. So for the rest of the week my goal is to work on cutting down my shower time to 3 minutes.



  1. Listening to a less-time song is a good idea. I also want to cut down my shower time but I think it is very difficult. My plan is to cut my showers to ten minutes.

  2. Damn Kate, good work. I’m going to take up on that idea. My plan was to cut my own showers to 5 minutes, but 3 minutes is my new goal.

  3. I think timing your shower with a song is a good idea. I am planning on trying this tonight as well. You could also try turning the temperature down to take a cooler shower and use less energy.

  4. Still good that you were able to cut your shower time in half! Keep trucking.

  5. I think you’ve made really awesome progress already! Going from a 10 minute shower to a 5 minute shower is already improvement, and I admire your ambition to do better.

  6. I’m not setting any specific time limit for showers instead, I am using cold water. They are as short as they possibly can be when you’re in such a hurry to get out.

  7. I am also cutting down my shower usage and this morning was tough. I decided that instead of telling myself my showers must be less than x minutes long, I gave myself a total time that can be spent in the shower per day, 10 minutes, because I always shower more than once. On the bright side, I had a few extra minutes to get ready this morning!

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