Day 1 blog: Mary

Honestly, I think I’ve been doing pretty well today. I think one of my biggest focuses this week is cutting down on my consumption, not constantly buying snacks from slayter, and actually eating all the food that’s in my room. I did just that today; I made rice in kappa today after my music class, when I would usually frequent slayter for some steak fries.

I have been pretty good about sticking to my rules, i.e. one napkin per meal in the dining halls, no peanut butter cups from the dining halls, no taking elevators, no charging more than I need to, etc. Though, I have been finding myself doing one thing that I never wrote down: using those automatic handicap door openers!!! I really need to stop that. I have two perfectly good arms that I can open doors perfectly fine with. anyway. I also goofed up when I was washing my dishes after my rice, keeping the water running AND using a paper towel to dry them off afterward. whatever. It’s only day one, and i’m gonna try to be more mindful the rest of this week.

Thinking about the package I have to go pick up from the mailroom tonight. Can’t wait for all the trash i’ll get from that.

I’m planning on a five-minute shower tonight, wish me luck. Still have to find a song for that.



  1. Sounds like you tried! There are definitely going to be mistakes made. I accidentally used toilet paper to blow my nose this afternoon. So frustrating…especially since I have done this so many times! And yes, no need to push the button to open doors!
    Oh, and what are these peanut butter cups you speak of?????

  2. That’s awesome you’re doing well with not buying stuff at slayter; I have a bad habit of doing that. Luckily, I only have 15 dollars declining left on my account so it is kinda working out for me. I also have a bad habit of leaving the water running when I brush my teeth and shave.

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