Day 1 Noah Blog

So I woke up this morning later then I normally would so that I wouldn’t have to put any lights on.  I also didn’t eat breakfast so that cut down on my plastic waste because I didn’t have any fruit cups.  It was really hard getting through my class at 12:30 because I hadn’t eaten yet, so when I got out I did get a poke bowl, but instead of getting a plastic fork I went back to my room to use my silverware.  Overall, I feel as though I have made conscious decisions about what I can deal with regarding how to have less impact on the environment.



  1. Make sure you eat a good breakfast, maybe try to go to the dining halls so you don’t have any plastic waste. I would also open your blinds in the morning for natural light, so you don’t have to use lights!

  2. Take a banana or apple from the dinning hall at dinner, and save it for breakfast the next day. Never Skip Breakfast!

  3. Fruit cup…. what a nice set of words. “Fruit cup”. Slayter does really generate a lot of waste, but I really like eating dinner there so I was thinking about stealing a plate from Curtis. I could bring it to Slayter and have them put my food on the plate instead of the disposable box. Then I could just was and reuse the plate.

  4. Similar to Andrew, the idea of skipping a meal and going hungry is not something I could find myself doing, so props to you for the dedication. I plan on approaching the subject of food and waste by eating primarily locally supplied food from the dinning halls and also cutting back on the number of granola bars I eat and instead replacing them with a handful of nuts from jar I haven’t touched since the start of school.

  5. Going through classes hungry is not a sacrifice id be willing to make. I intend on becoming more conscientious about what I eat so I can generate less waste, but intentionally skipping meals for the sole purpose of avoiding plastic is too much dedication for me

  6. I was also unable to have a fruit cup that I wanted so badly today as well. This led me to think about how much waste Slayter generates and that there must be a more efficient way to provide the food.

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