Day One.

I thought I had No Impact week under control. I had done all the prep and set reasonable goals. But my life is not adapted for the No Impact lifestyle.

Unfortunately, I became rather sick this weekend. As I popped individually wrapped cough drops and Tylenol, and blew my nose approximately 10 times per hour, I disgusted myself. Not only with my body, but moreover with the amount of trash accumulated in respect to my cold. I didn’t intend to get sick! I would not normally  make this much trash. But life happens, and we get sick. Yet No Impact Week must go on.

This morning, despite all my home remedies, I awoke with the same cold symptoms. Instead of using a tissue, I used a bandana. Actually two bandanas; which I will wash by hand tonight. I refrained from the individual Tylenol and opted for ibuprofen, in which the bottle can be recycled. I avoided the individual cough drops by using teaspoons of honey. Until I experienced an unreal coughing fit on the fourth floor of the library, consequently receiving hostile eyeball looks from fellow students. I blame peer pressure.

My other downfall… a long warm shower. It was good for my sinuses, not my conscience.

Perhaps, to “make up for it,”  I will  brave a cold shower tomorrow.



  1. Oh no!!!! Ugh, a cold can really put a damper on our plans to live with no impact. Isn’t that so crazy? I hope you feel better soon. And good luck with “as little impact as you can make while being sick”.

  2. If this makes you feel any better, I hear that cold showers are good for your pores and your circulation. Sorry about your cold though 🙁 Hopefully it’ll be gone soon so you don’t have to feel guilty about no impact week! We all go through it. I also have some green tea bags in my room if you want some.

  3. That is very impressive that you refrained from using tissues today. I would of been completely grossed out, good for you. It is probably much healthier to use honey instead of cough drops, I guess thats a plus to no impact week!

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