Day One Karly

My NI week started this morning at 5 when I woke up to go to practice. Normally I would eat a granola bar before heading down to the pool but today I decided to eat an apple instead since it’s my goal to eat fresh and compostable food at least 1/2 of the time that I would normally eat a packaged snack. I then realized there isn’t a composting bin in the Shorney dorm so I ended up throwing the apple core away…could I technically just throw the apple core into the forest next to my dorm since its biodegradable, or does that count as littering?

For lunch I went to Curtis and opted for pasta and a salad. I’ve been a vegetarian for about five years now so it hasn’t been a concern for me to eat less meat. I asked the person serving the pasta if the red sauce was vegetarian, because it didn’t really look vegetarian, but she said it was so ate some of that with the pasta. However, I went back a second time and I asked if the red sauce had any meat in it because I was a little suspicious…and this time she said it has chicken in it. It’s always sort of frustrating when I unknowingly eat meat since I never consume it in the first place, especially since it’s NI week! Usually the dining halls label the foods but I didn’t see a sign today at lunch so that was kind of frustrating. I then decided to make some banana toast with peanut butter and I noticed that I consume about two of the little peanut butter containers each time I make toast. The containers are small so it seems like their impact wouldn’t be that great, but I also noticed that by dinner time, the jar that holds all of the containers was empty, which means everyone consumed them all and threw away the fifty some containers. I wonder if the dining hall would be able to put out a dispenser or just one jar of peanut butter instead, or if there’s a health violation that prevents that?

Overall, the day didn’t go quite as planned in terms of diet, but at least when I showered after practice, everyone in the locker room basically shares the showers since there’s 40 of us and twelve showers, which means that while you’re washing your hair someone else is rinsing off and then you quickly switch. I guess this could save a bit of water since our showers are only about three minutes and we’re not just standing there with the water running.


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  1. Actually, your day sounds like it went alright! Amazing how you can have less impact when you’re forced to! I also think it is a great idea to have just one jar of peanut butter. Maybe you can ask someone about that?

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