E Bistrian’s No Impact Week : Day 1

If I’m going to be honest here, I forgot that No Impact Week started today until about 6 pm. This morning for breakfast I had chips and salsa, which didn’t help my trash can. I used facial wipes, paper towels, along with leaving the faucet on for more than a minute, which was my original plan on what not to do. I went to target, chipotle, and the gas station. Not realizing till I got back that it was No Impact Week. I am now aware of all the BAD things I did today. On the plus side, my lights were only turned on for about 5 minutes today, I used a reusable water bottle, did not shower, and none of my chargers were plugged in. Planning on getting better and being more aware of myself over the next few days…



  1. Forgetting the first day seemed to be a common theme. Maybe now we are just a little more determined to remember and make up for the time we forgot to leave less of an impact.

  2. This is in a way a good way of now keeping the project in the back of your head the rest of the week so you can’t forget. You got this.

  3. I guess you’ll have to be extra conscientious throughout the week to make up for all of your bad decisions you made today! At least you have left a lot of room for improvement.

  4. Okay, well now you both can make tomorrow an even better day since you are completely aware of your impact from today! Good luck on a better commitment tomorrow!

  5. That’s funny because I did the same thing today. After I ate my regular breakfast with bacon and sausage and eggs, I totally forgot it was no Impact Week and my goal was to be a vegetarian for the week. Not looking forward to breakfast with no bacon!

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