No Impact Week Day 1-Gabe

Overall I had a successful day on becoming the next coming of “No Impact Man”. I avoided all meat in the dining halls but unfortunately was forced to eat a chicken sandwich from Elms at a basketball meeting after practice, bummer. I got dressed in the dark this morning and haven’t charged my phone all day. I have also felt relief with putting my electronics on a power strip that I can turn off when I’m not using it. Looking forward to the rest of the week and I wish everyone the best of luck!



  1. I also got dressed in the dark this morning, but this made me more sleepy. I didn’t charge my phone today, and my phone still worked for a whole day. That’s great.

  2. Im sorry about the chicken sandwich, that is always disappointing. But you have started off no impact week strong! I had to get ready in the dark this morning too and it is difficult. I struggle enough with waking up, it is even harder having to try to see in the dark haha. I hope tomorrow goes well too!

  3. Great job Gabe. Keep it up, darn that chicken sandwich. I am wonder where you got those power strips?

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