Quigg’s No Impact Week: Day 1

Have to say this is gonna be hard. I’ve had to stop myself multiple times from eating meat and using the lights and fans in my room. Most of the time it was due to me forgetting when I am stressing about all the stuff I have this week and next week. Each time I start doing something like turn the fan on than quickly turning it off realizing that I am going against what I set out for myself. I did my goals for today, but multiple times almost failed.



  1. I would agree. It’s difficult to make turning off the lights and sweltering in the heat without a fan a priority when you have hours upon hours of work to get done.

  2. I feel the same way with stressing about stuff this week. I almost ate a Nutri-Grain bar (which has a wrapper) this morning because of being stuck in routine and also thinking about my bio test today. It’s good that you realized you turned the fan on and turned it off right away because that means that “no impact” is on your mind which is a good start!

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