Started Earlier Than Expected

Sunday night as I was completing a project for another class, I hoped to be done before 12:00 AM, so I could enjoy one more shower before the start of NI Week. But, as most things usually go, when I finally finished it was 12:30 and NI week had already begun. Welp, there went my chance for one more shower before the week started and I cut my shower time down to 3 minutes. Determined to stick with my goals I pulled off one of the fastest showers of my life coming in at 2 minutes 40 seconds. I found that I actually enjoyed seeing how fast I could shower, but am interested to see how much that enjoyment wanes as the week goes on.

With regards to energy and the amount of time I have the light on in my room, I have only been in my room for about 20 minutes today with the light being on for only 5 minutes because my roommate was completing an assignment and I didn’t want to annoy him. I have unplugged my phone and computer charger and only plan to plug them in when I need to charge my devices. I have also¬† unplugged my TV.

I have managed to avoid individually wrapped snack items all day despite my cravings for a granola bar halfway through day. I was also able to stick to my goal of only using one napkin per meal.

So far I would say NI Week is off to a great start, but hope that with my early success I can continue with this tread.