Day 2

Today I have been fairly successful in my goals. I have managed to avoid using any lights in my dorm room and also remembered to switch off my power strip after my laptop and phone had charged. I also generated only one piece of trash today, a napkin. Tonight I plan on taking a shower in under three minutes to meet my goal of limited water use.

One challenge I had today came as a result of hunger. I was not really faced by the whole not using individually wrapped items situation until today when I was super hungry between lunch and dinner, but couldn’t have a snack because all of mine are individually wrapped. In preparation for tomorrow, I stuffed my coat pockets with about 5 apples after I ate dinner at Curtis. Tomorrow when I am hungry in between classes I will simply eat an apple instead of a granola bar and throw the core into the woods.


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  1. Wow, only a napkin! That’s pretty good dude. That time between lunch and dinner is always difficult. Today I tried eating a ton of food at lunch so I would last until dinner. Unfortunately, I was still hungry in the time between both meals. Maybe I’ll try your apple idea tomorrow.

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