Day 2 and 13,000lbs of trash

The second day of no impact week went far better than the first. I have kept the lights off, unplugged the fan, showers are kept cold and short, and I very nearly made it through the day without creating any trash… Unfortunately, I scheduled a job for this Friday¬†which means I had to empty my trailer. I almost always recycle the trees I cut into lumber, firewood, or mulch, but today I had an ash tree sick with the emerald ash bore so it could not be recycled without threatening more trees. I took the entire tree to the dump this morning — the cat scale said the load weighed 12,800 lbs… so much for an entire week’s worth of trash fitting in a half gallon bag.



  1. Emerald ash bore is really a pain, we had a small outbreak in my neighborhood and it was sad seeing trees killed. Its probably for the best that you didn’t risk it spreading!

  2. Sounds like there was nothing else you could do without hurting other trees. It sounds like other than that, you are doing what you can to make less of an impact!!

  3. Wow, that is so funny, I had the exact same thing happen to me today, too… jokes!! Apparently, having biodegradable matter in landfills can help expedite items that don’t break down easily, I wonder how that could be accounted for in your impact.

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