Day 2 blog: Juliana

Although I started off the morning with a Twix bar, which is pretty bad whether it’s No Impact Week or not, the rest of the day went well. When I brushed my┬áteeth this morning, instead of washing my toothbrush off under running water, I put a few drops of water on a face towel and wiped it off. I don’t think that method is very sanitary in the long-term, but it’ll work if I frequently wash the towel. Also, I left my fan unplugged all day and kept the lights off in my room — even though I was on A quad for most of the day. I didn’t leave my laptop plugged into the wall charging at the library, as I left my charger in my room; I think that was my brain’s way of reminding me about no impact. At dinner, I didn’t use any napkins, and I also finished drinking my cup of water even though I just drank much of my water bottle. The hardest part about no impact for me has been food, but today definitely went better than yesterday.



  1. Sounds like you had a busy day. But I totally agree food has been really tough to manage food on campus. It is good that you are thinking about every little thing like water usage and napkin waste though. I hope you can find a better breakfast tomorrow or if you need a buddy Id grab food with you too! Hope tomorrow continues to improve ­čÖé

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