Day 2 Blog Kate

Day 2 of my NI week has been a pretty good day so far. I was able to lower my shower time to 4 minutes. Although my shower goal is 3 minutes this is an improvement from yesterday’s time of 5 minutes. But my real problem today is what I was going to eat for snack. I had originally planned to have bananas for my snack all week because the peel is compostable. I got 5 bananas from Curtis dining hall Sunday night in preparation for the week. I was feeling good about this snack until today in class when Dr. Aguilar pointed out that she did not eat a banana because of the long distance it had probably traveled to get to Ohio. This left me to debate if it would be better to eat a granola bar which I originally chose to avoid because of the plastic rapper. I decided to eat the banana anyway because if I didn’t it would go bad and the whole thing would need to be composted. Although this decision may not be the least impactful it is hard to know and leads me to constantly debate myself in my head as I go through my NI week.



  1. I too found myself met with a snack dilemma today and ultimately to snag a few apples from the dinning hall to eat instead of my type granola bar.

  2. That’s a good point about the decision we face when it comes to eating fresh produce. I never really thought about where bananas come from. Hopefully its from somewhere domestic.

  3. I also choose some fruits to be my snack to reduce the plastic pollution, but I didn’t eat any fruits today. I didn’t have the problem that Dr. Aguilar said in class.

  4. I thought about this today too when she mentioned the banana because I also have bananas and oranges in my room. I would have done the same thing. I think that the compostable peel would be better as opposed to a plastic wrapper. And like Henry said today, bananas are in season this time of year!!

  5. Good job choosing the no plastic snack! For snacks, I will usually have some olives (the can is recyclable) or a piece of dark chocolate, but it’s definitely hard to find convenientish snack foods for class…

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