Day 2 blog: Mary

My five-minute shower last night went perfectly. Bohemian Rhapsody is the perfect song to shower to. Nothing like ending your shower with Freddie Mercury singing “nothing really matters…to me.” what a good song. anyway: beside the point. I also showered with colder water which wasn’t pleasant, but hey, it kept me thinking about how I didn’t want to stay in there forever.

As I said yesterday, one of my biggest goals is to not buy anything new this week at all. I’ve been keeping to it very successfully despite the constant tempts I get by my friends and boyfriend while i’m in slayter with them. Though I have been keeping to my promise about eating the food I already have in my room, there is one big trade off: all of these snacks are individually packaged. So my goal about having one plastic bag full of trash isn’t looking too hot. Today I also decided to clean my room up; and it has my trash bag already halfway full on day two. Is it okay that I’m using up the things I already have even though it’s making waste? I don’t know what to think about it.

Also, I realized one funny thing while I picked up my mail today. I told my mom last week about how I was doing No impact week this coming week, and she said she’d mail me some handkerchiefs to prepare. I was hoping they’d come over the weekend, but alas, they came the first day of this wasteless week. Isn’t it so ironic that I got these reusable items in a disposable box? I just had to laugh when I picked them up this afternoon.

Other than that, my day went pretty well today. I picked up a few pieces of trash on my way back to kappa, I washed my dishes with minimal water, and I’m charging up my phone and laptop right now so I don’t have to leave them in overnight. Also, when I was cleaning up my room this afternoon, I did it only with natural light! (so still pretty dark). But it was very relaxing, I planted one of my new plants and made tea, and it had me thinking about how much I was enjoying that downtime. it’s the little things that count I guess.

Excited to see what comes tomorrow. Goodnight everyone.


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  1. sounds like this week is going really well for you aside from the box. The box reminds me of companies incessantly marketing products as environmentally friendly in packaging that is obviously not. Irony can be cruel.

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