Day 2 Limiting My Technology by Libby

No Impact is officially in full swing! I woke up this morning, got dressed in the dark, and turned off my power strips. I think its going to become a new habit! I have started to recognize how many choices it takes to make a lesser impact. I am constantly checking myself with small decisions. Especially with one of my goals being to stop using social media, I moved all my social media apps onto a new page in my phone. That way I won’t see the apps whenever I open my phone displaying alerts. However, it has been weird looking at my phone and not having anything to look at. But I know it is what is best for me this week especially with finals. Continuing with this goal for limiting my technology, I used my free time tonight to be with friends. We were all together in a six man dorm using two lamps just talking. I am excited to see what tomorrow brings.



  1. Good for you that you cut out social media! Maybe a week away from it will do away with the impulse to use it once the week is over.

  2. I appreciate your commitment to staying off of social media! I have had less success so far with that, but will continue to try harder.

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