Day 2: Navy showers and Unplugging my Roommates Fridge.

Last night I got up at around midnight to go pee and I saw Derek in the bathroom brushing his teeth. This put me in an awkward position because I had heard Derek complain in the past, saying that “Nobody ever flushes their f***ing pee in our bathroom” and I knew that he would notice the absence of that toilet flushing sound. But I decided to put principals over personalities and didn’t flush my pee. Sorry Derek.

This morning I woke up thinking “I really do not wanna take another ice cold shower”. But alas, it is no impact week! I decided to try a “Navy shower” this morning. I turned the water on for about 5 seconds, got wet, and turned the water off. Then I shampooed and washed before turning the shower on again to rinse off. I had the water on for a total of about 68 seconds.

At breakfast this morning I was craving a hot beverage, but coffee comes from far away lands and tea uses teabags (yes I know they are compostable, but I just don’t have faith in Denison’s compost system). So I drank some hot water with honey (likely from Ohio) and a lemon slice (Likely from Florida). After finishing it, I was left with a lemon slice at the bottom of my mug. Uh oh. Once again I puckered up and ate the lemon slice, peel and all. No impact week baby.

I have been considering unplugging my roommates fridge. I don’t think theres anything in it! Update: I have unplugged my roommates fridge. There was nothing perishable in it. I left the three pronged plug just barely hanging out of the socket so it looks like it fell out by accident. I am saving the world, one mini fridge at a time.

This whole “no social media or frivolous computer use” has got me really bored. On the upside, there is no longer anything standing between me and the mountain of homework I have. Nevertheless, I will improvise and find new ways to avoid doing work.

Day 2 has come to an end. Another solid day, but not without its struggles. Regardless, I have adhered to all of my goals.

Henry Brooks, Signing off.


Hi my name is Henry. In my spare time I enjoy scrap booking, piggy back rides, and long walks on the beach. Welcome to my blog!

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  1. Wow I didn’t know the Navy shower method was even a thing but that’s pretty cool. Also how was it eating the lemon peel? I agree that not being on social media as much has left me with more time to do things that are actually important, like school work, but I too end up getting purposefully distracted and avoid it all together. I now have had to force myself to sit in the library to get the work done instead.

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