Day 2: Today hasn’t been that bad

Today hasn’t been that bad. I kept my shower under 4 minutes, I’ve been avoiding paper towels and napkins, and I’ve contributed almost no new trash to my bag. I even decided to take out one of the things I had put in there because I realized I could reuse it. Yesterday’s problem of wondering what to do with my compost is long gone, I’ve decided to freeze my food scraps and bring them to Dr. Aguilar at the end of the week for her compost pile… the best end of the semester teacher gift a student can give 🙂 This week I also decided I wanted to not eat any red meat and that’s been surprisingly easy.

All of the new waste in my trash bag are seals from new medication bottles. It is extraordinarily frustrating how wasteful the medical industry is, I’ve been trying to brainstorm ways in which preservation/sterilization can be balanced with minimizing plastic waste.



  1. I never really thought about the plastic packaging in medicine bottles, that is an interesting thought. I also am trying to not eat red meat, I forgot last night and had a small bite but other than that I haven’t found it very difficult. I also am composting my food, that’s a good idea to bring it to Dr. Aguilar. Keep it up!!

  2. I have not eaten red meat since being at Denison and it is surprisingly easy. The dining halls tend to offer other types of meat making it easy to avoid red meat. Its nice that its easy to avoid since red meat has so many environmental implications like all of the water it uses. This week has also opened my eyes to how wasteful so many industries are with all of the plastic packaging that is used.

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