Day Two

I find that when I tell friends and peers about No Impact, they are so shocked. Responses have been, “how do you not have trash?” or “I could never!” On one hand, this makes me proud of the work we do as ENVS students, but it also makes me a little uneasy. It shows how much we rely on throw away items. How ingrained they are in our lifestyle.

Today I accidentally used a paper towel to dry my hands. However, I put in my pocket and composted it in the dining hall.

I frequently chew gum when studying, but as part of my goals I decided to stop doing that this week. The temptation was there, and, for a split second, I considered throwing away the pack of gum so I wouldn’t think about it anymore. Hmm? Instead, I tucked it in a bottom drawer.

And! I took a cold shower this morning, under two minutes.



  1. Wow! You did a cold shower?!?! I’m impressed. Yes, people often don’t get the exercise. I’m inclined to think someone’s actions might actually impact others just by making them aware!

  2. I have not yet told my friends about No Impact week but I could imagine their responses, I don’t even want to hear them complain about it! I’m impressed to see you’ve already started to reuse paper towels, good work!

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