Day Two Blog

This is my second day of my No Impact Week. Today I also stayed in campus, and I did’t take a car. I found it was possible for me not to plug in both my laptop and my phone. I could still use them for a whole day. Also, I didn’t eat meat today in the Curtis, and I bought nothing today except food. However, I found it was hard for us to save the electric energy used by the fridge. We should always plug in it for 24 hours a day to keep food fresh.



  1. Hey good job not charging all day!! That’s something I’ve been struggling with personally, and I’m trying to only do that when I absolutely need to. Same with not eating meat, for some it can be hard to transition over to vegetarianism even for just a week, so keep that up, it’ll get easier. Sounds like you had a pretty successful day, keep it up girl!!

  2. This is a good point. Unplugging the fridge makes food go bad quicker meaning you just have to buy more. So what’s worse the fridge or constantly buying more food? ..

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