Day Two Karly

Today has gone much better in terms of diet. I successfully remembered to bring a mug to Slayter for the three times that I got a tea from them today. For breakfast, I had a lot of fruit, which was a nice change since Curtis normally doesn’t have that great of a selection of fruit. However, I doubt the pineapple or strawberries were grown nearby, but it was one of my goals to eat fresh unpackaged food, so I guess that qualifies? So normally I drive down to Mitchell center everyday in the morning at 5 am and then in the afternoon at 4 pm. I could definitely walk this week but today I felt extra cold, so instead of driving alone, I ended up giving four of my other teammates a ride so that they wouldn’t have to drive. I also decided not to dry my hair with a hair dryer this morning after practice, which was probably a mistake because I was cold throughout the day and feel like I’m coming down with a cold. But, does using a hair dryer for a few minutes a day require that much electricity? For both this morning and afternoon practice I showered after in the locker room and that meant everyone shares the showers so less water was wasted again compared to if I showered in the dorms instead. Also last night I tried to not plug my phone in to see how far I could make it on battery life but found that I was running too low by lunch time and had to recharge. I am currently writing this in the library, which I am proud of because normally I am so tired after practice that I just lie as horizontally as possible in bed while still being able to type on my laptop, but tonight I’m in an already lit communal work space instead of being alone in my room with my desk lamp.


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  1. I think the strawberries and pineapple could be given a pass, simply because they are what is available to us on campus. Keep up the good work!

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