No Impact Week Day 2: Annie

Today was a little better for me, other than forgetting to compost my orange peel this morning. I was really conscious of my energy use and I used natural light in my room so I wasn’t using any light energy. I also decided to make my own little compost in my room. I took a to-go box that was in my recycling bin and I put my apple core and orange peel in there. I am going to try to use this mini compost box this week and empty it out into the compost in the dining halls. My goal for tonight is to take a really quick shower because I forgot last night. I am feeling pretty good and I haven’t eaten meat today so I reached that goal for the day. I think tomorrow will be a lot better too because I am starting to think about it more and more. I am also planning to turn off my power cord tonight so nothing is charged overnight.



  1. A compost bin is a great idea and I might just follow your example on that. I do not usually eat in my room, but it is better safe than sorry. Keep up the good work Annie!

  2. How were you able to create a compost bin in your room? That is something that would really be able to improve my wastage, and it would make me more conscious of what I eat. I’m also impressed that you are going to be turning off your power cord overnight, that is when my stuff needs to be charged.

  3. I love this idea of keeping a little compost container in the rooms! Maybe it will start trending!

  4. The compost bin is a really good idea. I have just been carrying my gross banana peels into the dining hall. A box would be better to help consolidate other compost as well and transport it in a not so gross way. It will also make it easier to keep track of all my compost.

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